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I invite you to use all information or materials that you can find in this site. The target is to support managers in the difficult and powerful role of managing their people. HR professionals are here to support you in this process, not to replace you.

I’ll be more than happy in case you want to share some materials with me within this “learning community”

To be frank with you, I am a business-oriented professional who decided to move into HR more than 20 years ago without being aware of how this would impact my life both personally and professionally.

Over the years, I have been focused on managing people and organizations, so really on people. I have recruited all kinds of professionals, and accompanied them on their journey of professional development. I have designed comp and ben models for different functions and countries, as well as defining their labor relations and talent management strategies, in order to leverage the Companies’ targets from the HR stand point.

I have tried to use ethics and values as the main pillars for my professional career. Direct communication with our people and developing an atmosphere of confidence are key to leading organizations through an environment of permanent change. Many changes throughout many different sectors, and across a broad geographical area have led to a very rich professional experience and a real passion for my work and teams.

Jesús Pacheco Pérez


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