The most difficult part for many people. Deploying yourself against life and work is greatly helped by really knowing what you are good, average and bat at, what you are untested in and what you overdo or overuses. Be careful with you blind spots. You can really get into performance or career trouble with a blind spot. There are many different tools,please ckick here to see some of them.

There are many tools to help you learn on your own. Use the one that is the most convenient for you. If you can get support from a professional, fine. If not use some of the following tools yourself:

  • McClelland test.He defined 3 main social motivations: Orientation to Power/Influence, to success and to affiliation


  • Get Feedback.People are reluctant to give you feedback, specially negative or corrective information. You must ask for it. A confidential feedback is much better than a public one. When the feedback giver knows that results will be public, scores go up and accuracy goes down.
  • Training about Wheel of happiness
  • SWOT Matrix / DAFO (Esp)
  • Coaching (there are cheap solutions)
  • Mentoring (workmates, social networks)
  • Feedback 360º (family, friends, classmates, workmates)
  • Emotional intelligence analysis.

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