Metodología «Agile»: entiéndela en 16 min y aplícala a diferentes organizaciones

Metodología Agile de un vistazo: Podemos utilizar esta metodología para multitud de proyectos y para optimizar multiples tipos de organizaciones.

El video adjunto está en inglés, pero puedes utilizara los subtitulos para facilitarte la comprensión. Vamos a ir revisando modelos y metodologías útiles para diferentes organizaciones.

Dear all. Project management methodologies look something a bit boring for those not a 100% involved in consultancy, IT or pure project management processes in any field. But, fortunately, such methodologies are there to ensure the success of our projects and, in many cases, the efficiency of our organizations. Some of you asked about which methodology is the best for different purposes. We are going to review some of them, and today we will look at Agile methodology.

I’m not sure whether all of you know Henrik Kniberg. He’s doing a great job related to different topics and I love his way of communicating and explaining complex concepts in an understandable and easy way.  I have selected the attached video to make what might otherwise seem a boring topic easier and more enjoyable.

Many IT and project management teams have evolved from “waterfall” to “agile” project management methodology. But we may use the same footprint for any kind of projects of for any kind of organizations’ optimization processes. The key players involved in this methodology are listed below, and the way of working is described in the video above. I hope it is useful for you.  

  • Stakeholders’ requests are selected according to the real priorities and with the adequate size to avoid collapsing operational team. The target is to create the right workflow to avoid the tasks funnel getting too long and, at the same time, keeping stakeholders informed and reasonably satisfied.
  • The Delivery team includes the operational team and must maintain a balance between quality and quantity of deliverables.
  • The project owner undertakes a key role to be able to ensure the machine works accordingly.
  • Permanent communication between the 3 players (stakeholders, PO and Delivery team) is the key factor to ensure the success using this model.

Agile By Example 2016: Henrik Kniberg - Keynote - Focus (or Stop Starting, Start Finishing)

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